Jason and Sharon

In The Beginning was started in Seattle, Washington, as a retail store in 1977 by Sharon Evans Yenter. It was Sharon’s goal to fill quilters’ and crafters’ need for high-quality cotton fabrics, classes, inspiration, and friendship. Over the years, In The Beginning grew from a small 400-square-foot loft space into an over 6,000-square-foot quilters’ paradise.

In 1996, a new division was added to the company and In The Beginning Fabrics was born. The purpose of this new addition was to create beautiful and innovative cotton fabrics to be sold at independent fabric shops across the USA and around the world.

Today the company is run by Sharon’s son Jason. In 2005, the decision was made to close the retail store and concentrate solely on creating fabrics. Both mother and son now spend the bulk of their time personally designing or working with other artists to design the twelve to fourteen collections the company produces each year, as well as the books and/or free handouts that accompany each collection.

26 responses to “About

  1. Kelly Gaidies

    I am making quilts from the Blended Wall Quilts book by Sharon Evans Yenter. In order for me to sell my finished quilts using Sharon’s design, I am needing her permission. Where may I contact Sharon to ask her for permission? Thank you.

    Kelly G

  2. When will the new fabric be chosen for the Western Wash. Shop Hop 2013? I can’t wait to see it. Thanks

    • Hi Barbara,

      The 2013 Shop Hop fabric has been chosen, but we aren’t the ones who get to reveal it! I think it will first be posted on this site: http://www.washingtonquiltshophop.com/Home_Page.html

      It doesn’t look like it’s been posted yet, but that’s your best source for all Western Washington Shop Hop information. I’m glad the excitement is already building!


      • Ann stohl

        Wendy, this is Ann Stohl in Yakima. Can you tell me where to get Jason’s Christmas quilt pattern

        • Hi Ann!

          It’s great to hear from you! Jason has designed a bunch of Christmas quilts! Have you checked out the books here:


          If you click on any of the book links, you’ll see pictures of all the quilts included in that particular book. (For Jason’s Christmas quilts, look for books with “Winter” in the title.) Click on any of the quilt pics to see a bigger image.

          All of the books at the link above are available now, except for the “Magic of Winter” booklet which will be available in May, 2014.

          Happy quilting and Happy New Year!


  3. Gloria Brosious

    I was able to finally find Garden Twist on Etsy. Glad you are going to reprint Garden Twist. It’s beautiful.


  4. Gloria Brosious

    I have been all over the internet and my area looking for 4.5 yds of Garden Twist Anniversary SKU 1GTB3. I have the floral swag fabric for the border. Where can I go to find this?


    • Hi Gloria,

      1GTB3 might be hard to find right now. It’s sold out at our warehouse, but I just checked with our front office, and we are planning to reprint it. We don’t have a date on the reprint yet, but it *will* be available sometime in the future.


  5. I ust finished a quilt using the “Winter Solstice” line. It’s for a musical/dance/drama group called the Portland Revels with a theme centering around the winter solstice. It will be in an auction.

  6. Mary

    I am trying to make the Ice Queen patttern. When I attempt to make the flying geese with 3 1/2 inch squares and 3 1/2 inch by 6 1/2 rectangles, I come up short in the middle. The peaks are crossing. What am I doing wrong?

    • Hi Mary,

      If I’m understanding correctly, the peaks of the two smaller triangles cross at the top of the larger triangle? If that’s what’s happening, you’re doing fine. The peaks crossing will be taken up in the seam allowance when the star block is pieced into your quilt top. Hope this helps!


  7. Georgetta K. Platt

    I want to make the Catkin Around the World quilt but I was only able to purchase part of the fabrics. Can you tell me where I can get some more of the material. Georgetta

    • Hi Georgetta,
      If you google “Catkin fabric” or “Catkin Julie Paschkis” you’ll get lots of results! Many stores still have this collection, and I think there’s an excellent chance you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

    • Alice

      I just bought parts of the collection at Quilt Festival in Houston, but can’t find Blackberry Vines anywhere online. I was told by one shop that is being reprinted. Is that correct?

      • Hi Alice,
        Oops! I’m replacing my previous comment, because now I see that you’re referring to the “Catkin” collection. The vine print (8JPB1) isn’t being reprinted, but you might still be able to find it in quilt shops or online. Good luck!

  8. Linda Jones

    Hi Wendy,

    You were right. I very carefully sewed a new set of pieces, measured each one and now it fits pretty well. Apparently I was sewing with the infamous “scant” 1/4″ seam. Sorry to have troubled you. I’ll be more careful in the future. Look forward to having a lovely quilt when it’s all done.
    Thanks, Linda

  9. Linda Jones

    Thanks for your quick reply, Wendy. I’ll take another look at my seam allowances. Hope you’re right, and I’ll slow down and check each one as I go.

    Thanks again, Linda

  10. Linda Jones

    I justed started sewing the pieced sashing strips for the Globes pattern from Wintergraphix. I was very careful with my cutting and sewing and followed the directions. When I lay the pieced sashing strip next to the 12-1/2″ piece of solid sashing, it measures out at more than 13-1/8″. Can you tell me if there is a mistake in the pattern directions? If so, how to fix it???

    Thanks, Linda Jones

    • Hi Linda,
      I just double-checked the instructions for the Globes quilt. The cutting and piecing instructions seem to be correct. Assuming your cutting is accurate, I would guess that you might have an issue with your seam allowance. One thing you could check: after you’ve sewn two small triangles together, the edge-to-edge measurement of your sewn unit should be 2-1/2″. If your unit measures more than that, it might be that you’re sewing with a “scant” 1/4″ seam allowance. If that’s the case, the cumulative effect when you sew all the triangles together (to make the pieced sashing strip), is that your pieced strip becomes longer than the solid sashing. If this is what’s happening, all you need to do is adjust your seam allowance.
      Good luck!

  11. Joan Ellis

    I would like to subscribe

  12. Cindy Olsen

    I am enthralled with Jason Yenter’s Winter Solstice fabrics. I would love to buy more of the white snowflake fabric from last year but have just bought this year’s fabrics. How do I manage to buy the book that goes with this year’s winter fabrics? I am only in my 3rd year of quilting but enjoyed working with the fabric last year and love my new quilt from last year’s book.
    Perhaps I can find the book at a quilt show in September here….. If not, I will just have to get creative but really do appreciate the patterns at my level.

    • Hi Cindy,
      If you can’t find Jason’s book at the quilt show in September (or if you want to get it before then!), try googling “Quilts of the Winter Solstice” or “Jason Yenter Winter Solstice”. With either of those searches, I was able to find online stores that had the book available. Good luck!

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