Just Around the Corner

Getting ready for the annual quilt retreat I go to every year I found myself short of a variety of orange fabrics.  As with most of us, I collect fabrics in my favorite colors and growing up in the 70’s has left me with a bit of distaste for orange.  So, of course, it is my son’s absolute FAVORITE color.  Heading into my local quilt shop the night before I leave, what I found was more than I expected.  Lots of orange fabrics (without flowers – since it is for my son), a shop full of inspiring new patterns, the perfect color of variegated thread, and a nice chat with the owner of my local quilt shop.  One quick stop reminded me of all the things I love about quilting.

Starting tomorrow and running through the upcoming weekend (June 20-24, 2012) is a perfect opportunity for you and some friends to remind yourselves what you love about quilting.  It is the 15th year for this event where quilters and fabric-o-holics can take the time to visit 54 quilt shops in Western Washington.  This years fabric and blocks were especially creative.  Once again, Wendy had the fun of putting them all together in a quilt, and I’m sure you will agree it is very lovely.

Shop Hop 2012 Quilts

Shop Hop 2012 Quilt

At each shop you will receive a free kit to make a block, your passport stamped, and a chance to visit with other quilters and hear about all the participating quilt shops. What fun this would be to do with a quilting friend. The inspiration is free.  There is more complete information on their web site - www.washingtonquiltshophop.com

If you are unable to participate this year, make plans to visit quilt shops on your vacation.  Next week I’m heading to Kentucky for a family reunion.  Not only is Paducah on my must-do places, but every quilt shop I drive by. Are you planning on a “stay-cation” this year?  You know, the type of vacation you just stay home and do the things you never get around to? Don’t forget to visit a quilt shop.  Maybe one you haven’t been to before.  You just never know what wonderful inspiration awaits.



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6 responses to “Just Around the Corner

  1. Sunny Tea Studio - Terry and Mary

    Hi Leah. I’m glad to hear you are busy with a retreat and vacation since market. It was a pleasure to speak to you there. Market was amazing. I’m on vacation this week and brought some log cabin blocks to work on and my sketch book. Have fun in Kentucky.

  2. Elaine Murakami

    I too would like to get some of the “bird” fabric. I hope that Clothworks can be persuaded to print some more! I think it will be a popular print, even for people who do not do the Shop Hop, because so many people are bird watchers in the Northwest!

  3. As some of you might already know, the Shop Hop fabrics are a collaborative effort with In The Beginning Fabrics and Clothworks. In the past, In The Beginning has done the “theme” prints and Clothworks has produced the “go-withs”. This year we switched things up a bit and Clothworks printed the theme print and In The Beginning printed the go-withs. Hopefully shops owners can order more of the bird print from Clothworks for those who ran out, which sounds like quite a few.

  4. Hello,
    Shop Hop was a blast as usual. Unfortunately, all the shops ran out of the hop fabrics too early! We weren’t able to buy any of the theme fabric (birds) even on Thursday, which was only the second day. Some of the shops thought that In the Beginning might be persuaded to print some more bolts of this fabric if enough of us asked. Do you think that would be possible? Thank you!

  5. Gail McCarthy

    I was very discouraged by my inability to purchase your fabrics at the shops participating in the shop hop. All of the ones I visited on Friday were sold out of the border (bird) fabric and most of the others had little (if any) selection left of the other shop hop fabrics. By Saturday, there were no fabrics available at any of the shops we visited. I hope you are able to anticipate sales next year so those of us who would like the opportunity to complete the quilt can purchase the fabrics we need to do so.

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