Sneak Peek: Hallowgraphix II

We always have to think ahead when planning our fabric collections, and that’s why we’re currently focused on Halloween when it might make more sense to be pondering Valentine’s Day. Although, when you think about it, both days have the potential to be scary.

Hallowgraphix II: 1HGB1

Hallowgraphix II: 1HGB1

Above is the main print in Jason Yenter’s Hallowgraphix II collection. Below is the super-spooky night scene:

Hallowgraphix II: 4HGB1

Hallowgraphix II: 4HGB1

I love this gothic cobweb print.  Even if Halloween is not your thing, this would be a great addition to a stash of black-and-white prints:

Hallowgraphix II: 6HGB3

Hallowgraphix II: 6HGB3

And for a pure autumnal look, check out these leaves:

Hallowgraphix II: 5HGB1

Hallowgraphix II: 5HGB1

You can see the whole collection here. Enjoy! (Hallowgraphix II will be shipping in July.)


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