Fun Stuff from Better Gnomes & Gardens

Here’s a joke to brighten your day.

Question: So, what did the boy-mushroom say to the girl-mushroom?
Answer: “Hi! I’m a fungi!”  (get it….a FUN GUY?)

Fun stuff is all around this fabric I’m showing off today.  Designed by Heather DuPont, it’s called Better Gnomes & Gardens. If the name of the fabric wasn’t catchy enough to put a smile on your face, take a look at these strike-offs we received a few days ago.

    Strike-offs for Better Gnomes & Gardens

Strike-offs for Better Gnomes & Gardens

Cute little mushrooms and the most beautiful sunflowers abound on a back drop of perfect pinks and sky blues.

These cheery fabrics also have hard-working Gnomes, and every garden, of foliage or fabric, should have one.

    Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome

The panel print measures 32×43 inches.  The most obvious use would be a baby quilt, but there are so many other elements to this panel print, why stop there.

Panel Print

Panel Print

I’m thinking I would like to cut it up and add in pieced blocks.  I might have to get 2 of the panels to do this, but that way I can choose the elements I want to emphasize. The large sunflower print below would make a really fun kaleidescope block, don’t you think?

Gnome Sunflowers

Print 1

To see the full collection of Better Gnomes and Gardens check out our web site.  The fabrics are being printed now, so look for them in March at your favorite local quilt shop, or ask for them now.


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  1. Oh my gosh. I want some so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!

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