Sneak Peek: Painted Summer

We’re all very excited about Lida Enche’s second collection with us. Painted Summer captures the heightened colors, the blossoms, and some of the birds and butterflies that make the sun-drenched days of summertime so memorable.

Here are Lida’s hummingbirds:

Painted Summer: 1LEB1

Painted Summer: 1LEB1

I can’t wait for the peonies to start blooming. Of course, they bloom forever on fabric:

Painted Summer: 2LEB3

Painted Summer: 2LEB3

These hydrangeas just take my breath away. I love this print:

Painted Summer: 7LEB3

Painted Summer: 7LEB3

I’ve just picked some of my favorites to show here, but the whole collection is pretty wonderful. You can see all the prints here.

Painted Summer should be appearing in quilt shops in late June. I hope you’ll look for it!

Totally off-topic: we’ve really been enjoying reading the comments in our giveaway. The quotes you all are submitting are great. If you haven’t entered, there’s still time! Check it out here. And thanks to all of you for joining in the fun.


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