Legendary Basics: The Strike-Offs Are Here!

We’ve got strike-offs! (As part of the fabric-production process we send our fabric designs to a mill, where they “strike off” samples which are then sent to us for color correction.) This is always an exciting time…the first that we see the designs printed on fabric rather than paper.

Here’s Jason’s table with the strike-offs for his Legendary Basics collection.

Legendary Basics Strike-Offs

Behind the fabric is a “board,” or paper version of the designs that our reps show to shop managers/owners. (Also, a picture of the baseball team that In The Beginning sponsors. Go team!)

Below, Jason works with tiny tabs of color to indicate the changes needed.

Legendary Basics Color Corrections

After he’s finished making corrections, everything will go back to the mill, one step closer to becoming Real Fabric.



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6 responses to “Legendary Basics: The Strike-Offs Are Here!

  1. Yum, Yum…can’t wait to use them with applique! Hi to Jason from Michele Hill! …and so glad you have a blog :-) X

  2. sue

    Hi I love Jason’s Botica line, the one you have at the top of your blog. I think your Ref. # is 2BOT2.
    Could you please tell me the repeat measurement. Do you thinbk it would be suitable for a One Block Wonder Quilt?
    Thanks Sue

    • Hi Sue,
      The repeat measurement of Botanica #2BOT2 is 8 inches. I think One Block Wonder Quilts are best with a really large-scale print. Since the 2BOT2 print is medium-scale, I wouldn’t recommend it for this particular project. It’d be gorgeous in a pieced quilt with other fabrics!

      • Sue

        Thanks Wendy for your reply
        Do you have anything you can direct me to with a 12″ to 24″ repeat. It’s a bit hard to tell from the samples shown on line.

        • Hi Sue,
          In the Botanica Collection, 1BOT1, 1BOT2, and 1BOT3 (that’s the same print in three different colorways) have a 24″ repeat. That would probably be your best bet in this collection. (And if you make a One Block Wonder Quilt with one of these prints, I’d love to see a picture!)

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