Catkin: Free Patterns!

It’s nothing but free patterns around here this week! If you go to the Free Patterns page on our website, you can download two new ones.

First, there’s the Catkin quilt:

Catkin Pattern

And then there’s the Catkin bag:

Catkin Tote Bag

I love these bags (there’s a Botanica one too). They’re just so big. They’re probably not what you want for an everyday trip to the grocery store, but for carrying a project around they are purr-fect (sorry, couldn’t resist).

CatkinĀ  is currently shipping from our warehouse, and we’ve had word that the shipments are starting to appear in quiltshops. So, Catkin-lovers, please check out your favorite shops!



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3 responses to “Catkin: Free Patterns!

  1. Julie White

    Do you sell the fabric for catkin around the world, also I am having printing the pattern which I would to get for my grand daughter

    Julie White. email.

  2. Cathy


    I just wanted to let you know, I went to and was able to down load the tote from the free patterns there.


  3. Cathy


    I’m having trouble with the Catkin Tote pattern, all I can see is the bag, no directions. I had no difficulty with the quilt pattern .pdf, it downloaded just fine. Is there another place I need to look for the tote pattern?

    Love this fabric, can’t wait to find it locally!


    Cathy G.

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