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There are a lot of cat-lovers here at In The Beginning Fabrics, so when Julie Paschkis first brought in her art for Catkin, she was met with immediate enthusiasm. Just look at these cats!

Catkin (1JPB1)

Cat paisley!

Catkin (4JPB1)

Black and white cats.

Catkin (5JPB1)

Find the cats in this print:

Catkin (6JPB1)

Cat faces.

Catkin (9JPB3)

From the moment we saw the art we started waiting, impatiently, for the actual fabric to arrive.

Catkin Air Yardage: Rolled on Tubes

Yes! Our air yardage of Catkin is here. I’m so excited! Catkin is scheduled to start shipping from our warehouse in July, and will be showing up in quilt shops soon. You can see the entire Catkin collection here.

This post is getting long, but I have to show these last two pictures. Because, if you have a cat, you know this is what you’ll be doing…you’ll be finding your own cat in the fabric. Here are the ITB kitties.

Large Catkin Panel (1JPB1) with ITB kitties

At first, it appeared that Bertha had been left out. But then it was discovered that she was all over the place! Look at all of those silhouettes.

Small Catkin Panel (2JPB1) with Bertha

So…which cat is yours?!



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