Julen Panel Giveaway!

Julen, designed by Julie Paschkis, is here! We are so excited about how the two panel prints turned out. To celebrate, we’re giving away ten packets that will include:

  • A Julen Calendar Panel (including backing fabric)
  • A Julen Stocking Panel (including backing and lining fabrics)

Samples of these two panels were a big hit at the recent Quilt Market in Salt Lake City. This is what the Julen Calendar Panel looks like off the bolt:

Julen Calendar Panel 5JPA1

And here it is, all sewn up by Margy:

Julen Calendar

The panel includes binding for the calendar, as well as a printed rectangle that can be sewn into a small bag to hold the calendar numbers that aren’t in use. This wallhanging can function as an advent calendar where you count down until Christmas, or a perpetual calendar that you use year after year.

Next, we have stockings! This is what the Julen Stocking Panel looks like off the bolt:

Julen Stocking Panel 6JPA1

And here they are, ready to be hung by the chimney with care:

Julen Stockings

To win panels of your own, all you have to do is comment on this post. Your comment can be as simple as, “I want to win!” Or, “Pick me!” We will randomly select ten winners from among the commenters. All comments received before noon, Pacific Time, on Friday (June 24th) will be eligible. Winners will be notified by email. (So please use an email address where you can be reached. Your email address won’t show up in your comment, and we won’t use your address for nefarious purposes. Honest!) Good luck!



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147 responses to “Julen Panel Giveaway!

  1. I would love to win these beautiful fabrics! Also would like to know where I could find the entire collection for purchase.

  2. Duane

    Just saw your website and the beautiful fabrics! I just love the Catkin line! Would love to win the Christmas panel!

  3. Sarita Rodenhizer

    Have missed you so very much since you closed your charming store. Was so happy to see you on the internet. Have many of your fabrics in quilts and projects I have made. Would love to be picked.

  4. Jenny Michael

    Great fabrics!! would love to work with them and share the calendar with my new grandbaby!!

  5. Jane

    I would love to win–both of these projects are so cute!

  6. Vivian

    They are beautiful. I’m sure that both my grandchildren will enjoy them.

  7. Sandy

    I really enjoy Julie’s designs. They are distinctive.

  8. Angie Butterworth

    This panel will be soooo fun for my great-niece to count off the days until Christmas!

    Angie B

  9. Francoise Mathews

    Beautiful panels. I’d most certainly would love to win these. Count me in!

  10. Margot

    Charming fabric and projects! I’d love to win, too.

  11. Karen Johnston

    I don’t think Julie could design a fabric I didn’t love. This one is especially great!

  12. Liz O'Neill

    Great panel. Christmas fabric is my most favorite! This will be a great one for a great grandchild.

  13. Christy

    Love the calendar!! I have an 8 year old who would love to take the days on as a count down to Christmas.

  14. Teresa Mulhern

    What a gr8 idea for a perpetual calendar – eco friendly even!! Love your fabric designs – have loved them from “in the beginning!” :-) Miss your retail store and friendly people when I am in the Seattle area! They always made me feel like I was coming home to visit!!

  15. Pat Parker

    In The Beginning has always had the most awesome fabrics. Any quilt I made with their fabric seems to be special. I miss the store but love that I can still buy online so I didn’t have any withdrawal pains. The new Christmas fabric is great!

  16. barbara carrick

    Alaska here we need and make quilts to stay warm this would be wonderful addition to our long winter.

  17. Meg

    Very pretty. I use to love visiting your store when we lived in the Seattle area but alas, we no longer live there and you no longer have a brick and mortar. Pretty fabrics though. :-)

  18. Anne

    Beautiful fabric and gets me right in the holiday mood!!

  19. nini saner

    Wow ! beautiful panels. would love to make those Christmas stockings. nice collection

  20. Nancy

    I love the panel and your new blog! I still miss your store and sigh when I pass by building…. SO GLAD there’s all this new activity!

  21. Jackie Lowy

    Love the panels! Definately would love to win them! I love Santas ! If Kris Kringle passes me up for the gift of win , I will definately purchase the Calendar panel for my one yr old Granddaughter to make for her!

  22. Susan

    I am ready to start working on Christmas projects! Love the color combinations.

  23. leslie allen

    Julie P’s designs are so lovely! I know exactly who would want the squirrel stocking!

  24. Jo

    Love the colors!

  25. Stephanie Byrd

    Love the panel. Would love to win

  26. Barbara Clayburn

    I would love to win this

  27. Carol Brady

    Wonderful designs, PICK ME! PICK ME!

  28. Mary Anne Madsen

    I still miss your store. Love the fabric for Christmas.

  29. Anita Senkowski

    Beautiful fabric. It’s Christmas in (almost) July.

  30. E, O'Shea

    My grandkids would love those gorgeous Christmas stockings

  31. Sue

    What beautiful fabric!

  32. I wish the store was still open. Love the fabrics.

  33. Robin S.

    Love your fabric! Love the Julen panel!
    Hope I win!!!

  34. Lovely design! I have my fingers crossed.

  35. Rosa

    Really miss your retail store!!! It was one of my best stops when I visited my sister in Bellevue.

  36. Suzi Thompson

    Totally awesome!! ….as usual. Always the go-to fabrics for incredible quilt projects!

  37. diane robertson

    So glad you found me! Miss my stops at your store whenever I went to the airport! It was my treat to myself. Your fabric lines are amazing and always look for your collections.
    Thanks for your hard work and devotion to quilting and creativity!!

  38. Gail Key

    What beautiful fabric…..just what I expect from In the Beginning.

  39. Judy Holmes

    Always, when I felt I needed a pick-me-up I would go to your store. I had a transformation there. I gathered ideas and had a wonderful time. One time I took a friend who had had lung surgery and basically showed her my “secret garden.” She is not a sewer but her daughter was. Then you closed shop. I miss you all.


  40. Wendy Spencer Amado

    PICK ME !!!! Oh I would love to win!!! I so miss In The Beginning.
    Whenever I needed some inspiration, or my begiining class (with Lorraine Torrance), and on days when my mood needed a pick me up, I would stop by, be surrounded by the lovely displays of fabric, or quilts, or all of the great books…. it was a way to revive my interest and my calm… So Glad you have a web site!!!!
    And in case you missed my request….PICK ME !!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!

  41. Sharon Hokuf

    Your panels are very Swedish looking. Love your fabrics!

  42. I by chance saw a link to your page, and so loved your store I had to click on it. And then, here you are displaying a design by one of my favorite local artists. I LOVE her stuff. The panels for the stockings are particularly striking.

    I miss your store!! I hope all is going well with your fabric business!

  43. Helen Backer

    I’d like to make these for my grandsons (3 year old and 2 month old). Please pick me!

  44. Susan Carlson

    Love your fabrics and have made several quilts from your collections. Think these Christmas panels are great.


  45. Pat McCormick

    Love your fabrics and would love to win.

  46. Nicole Wood

    Beautiful panels. Julie Paschkis has outdone herself once more. Looking forward to making the calendar and a stocking for my grandson.

  47. Carol Kemmerer

    Very cute. I’d love this for our grandbabies!

  48. Pat Marquardt

    I would love this fabric – it would be great to make up for the grandkids – especially now that they are moving to Montana.

  49. Maggie

    Have always loved your fabrics. I would be overjoyed to be one of the winners,!

  50. Mary ann

    Love the socks

  51. Linda

    If you do pick me, it will be the first time I’ve ever won something this nice! I love that no matter where on the West Coast I find a quilt shop, I can recognize your fabrics! They keep getting better! Thank you.

  52. Elaine M in Seattle

    I love the Julie Paschkis designs (especially Catkin). This Christmas panel is very cute.

  53. jean

    Love it — Please pick me! and Thank You for all your beautiful fabric!

  54. Pam

    OOOh I love the calendar panel.

  55. This is a very cool patern. Love the colors.


  56. Marguerite K Gipson

    Am so happy to have In The Beginning now blogging… yes, I would like that panel, it would help me teach my ‘kids” about the calendar. Yes, I want to win–

  57. Sciurid

    Gorgeous! What a great way to celebrate the season.

  58. I wish that the quilt shops near me would carry more In The Beginning fabric.

  59. Anita Stoffer

    Absolutely stunning! Would look absolutely stunning in my home!

  60. Judy

    Would love to work with this panel,

  61. Deb

    I must have that panel so pick me!

  62. Monica Rock

    These panels are so cute! They would look great in my newly remodeled living room.

  63. Maxine

    Love to win.

  64. JoAnn Alexander

    Absolutely love the new panel…….great addition to your collection!!!

  65. Cynthia Arneson

    How pretty and fun! Hope I win, it’ll be fun to make the calendar for the grandkids.

  66. Helen Barclay

    I can never find your fabric here in Australia! Please. please pick me!!!!! I’ve been a devoted fan almost since you started

  67. Lois Alton

    Oh how I miss your retail store. These beautiful fabrics you continue to create are awesome. The Julen panel looks great. I hope I win.

  68. Joanne

    Love the Christmas fabrics. It’s beautiful.

  69. Robin

    A beautiful new take on old world charm. I love the Santa against a starry-starry-snowy sky. Your fabrics make the quilt. I miss your retail store big time but pleased there are still so many great ITB fabric lines available.

  70. Amber Dawn

    How very exciting to see your blog!

  71. I have made oodles of stockings for other people and can you believe it I have never had one of my own. Wouldn’t it be fun to win one of yours.
    Jan Moore

  72. Liuba Maretti

    Beautiful and originally!!!
    molto belli e originali Ciao from Italy

  73. Helene

    Ditto to all the store-missing comments! These panels are wonderful!

  74. Julia Manyak

    This is a very sweet panel . . . . . . I would love to see it in December in my home! The site is awesome!

  75. How fun to get to see updates on a blog from “In the Beginning!” I haven’t been over to Seattle to visit your store for a few years. From the looks of the samples on the blog, I’d better get over there. I would LOVE to win one of your panels. So . . . . “Please pick me! : ) See you soon!

  76. Roberta Yoshioka

    Sure miss the store! Drop me in for the drawing! Thanks- Roberta

  77. Sharon Jane

    What a great idea for an Advent calendar. I would love to win one!

  78. Cathy Bachmann

    I miss your shop so much. It the first place I learned to drive to when we moved to Seattle.

    This fabric is just lovely.

  79. These panels are gorgeous! I would love to win one!


  80. georgia franko

    Love the bright colors! Hope I win!

  81. Linda Phillps

    Pick me, I love the pattern and colors

  82. Angela J

    Julen in June- YEA! Don’t have to wait for Christmas in July!!

  83. Mary Anne Anderson

    WOW, they are both wonderful

  84. Jayne Farmer

    I still get tears in my eyes when I see “In the Beginning” in print. I so miss your store! Wonderful that you now have a blog for those of us who are still heart-sick over the closing of our beloved store :(

  85. Gay Meredith

    The stockings are totally a MUST HAVE!

  86. Jan Mayo

    Very cute! I”m home on a very l-o-n-g recovery from surgery but working on Christmas already! It would be lovely to win this. My fabric stash needs some new inspiration!

  87. A

    Fantastic! Love it! Love it! Love it!

  88. Janice

    I’m a newbee to all this wonderful world of quilts and fabric. Thanks for providing artful fabrics.

  89. Sylvia Youngblut

    I love Julie Paschkis’ designs, and am currently working on a wall hanging from one of her lines that was put together into a kit by my local quilt shop, Gathering Fabric, in Woodinville, WA. Her designs remind me of my ancestor’s homeland, Bohemia (now Czech Republic) for its simple lines, clear colors, and folksy design. Keep up the great work!

  90. I sooo agree with @roz, i really miss going to the “store”. But This blog and the website have been great!


  91. Mary

    So cute, Great for my new Grandchildren!

  92. Lynn Burnett

    It’s good to learn that you are around. I have missed you in the neighborhood!

  93. Paula Hill

    Where are you located. I don’t remember signing up for your web siteI must have done it sometime in my travels.

  94. Darlene Printz

    Gorgeous fabrics,I would love one. I took my beginning quilting lessons at In The Beginning. Now days you are not taught like I was taught. We started with graph paper and worked the square from that……………

  95. Susan Johnson

    Love your fabrics!!! Especially the one you design just for the Shop Hop and these new panels for Christmas!! Keep up the beautiful work.

  96. Charlene Snelson

    OMG!! I love these designs. I sure hoe I can be one of your winners!

  97. Jackie

    Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. Would love to win this!

  98. Lyle Sapough

    Oh I would love to be one of the recipients. Thanks for offering them.

  99. Mary Hussman

    Whenever I visited my niece in Seattle, we would go to In The Beginning and just go crazy, really miss that. Ordering on line is not the same, can’t feel the fabric, but at least I can still get the material I love so much. I would love to win the panel, it is SO “In The Beginning”.

  100. Jackie Carley

    What a wonderful fabric to make something for my great-grandson (age 2). Nice site. I used to have access to your store, but I don’t get out of Alaska much anymore.

  101. Lissa Mayer

    I love the patterns, and the colors are perfect for my home. Please pick me!

  102. Linda Lane

    A group of “Blanketeers” make holiday and winter theme fabrics into stockings for our military troops serving away from home. These fabrics would be perfect for them.

  103. Cheryl Nyberg

    Love the new line. And the Northgate Pacific Fabrics will be an In the Beginning Boutique, will be cool to see the whole line.

  104. Cass T

    Very cute. Calendar looks fun to make. Pick me!

  105. Viv

    What cheerful panels. Would love to stitch them.
    Please enter me in your drawing.

  106. Kate Hudak

    ooooh! love the panel and stockings!!! makes me think of the holidays already! just found your blog…and maybe i found it in time to win???? PICK ME!!!

  107. I love these panels and would be so happy to stitch them for the grandkids.
    Always visited In The Beginning on my way from SEATAC to Bellingham. I still see some of those purchases in my quilts and stash.

  108. Donna Capallia

    I just love the fabric, the bright colors and the work and talent that goes into creating the fabric. I used to live in Tacoma now in Virginia and so miss the fabric from there. Thank you for sharing.

    Pick Me, Pick Me

  109. Maria

    Pick me. I have lots of christmas quilting to get started on.

  110. Thanks for notifying me of your new blog. Love the panels and would love to win one as well.

  111. Pat Palmer

    Wow!! These are really nice, as usual. In The Beginning always designs the best fabrics and panels. I look to your products as benchmarks for what is new and fun to sew with. Thank you for your consistently great quality and creativity!

  112. Gina M, Bellevue WA

    Dashing through the year
    With six months left to go
    I’d love Julen’s fabrics to sew
    And gift them at the holidays!

    Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
    Quilting all the way.
    Oh, what fun it it would be
    To sew and quilt, Joyeux Noël Julen!

    • Carol Herbst


  113. Rebecca Rinne

    I have a 31 year old son who quilts and has helped with a holiday stocking sewing
    project the past two years. We would have a ball sewing these together. Quilters are
    such loyal people, I miss the store too. Maybe someone should open another, you already have a loyal buying base!

  114. Kathy Lichtendahl

    The stockings in particular are very rich and in the spirit of the season!

  115. Lynn Lamb

    Pick me! Pick me! Love the colors

  116. In the beginning of our quilting business in ’03, we found “In The Beginning” fabrics at Houston Market; that was truly “in the beginning” of our long and wonderful relationship with ITB. Great people with whom to work and truly creative in a unique way. We’re in Oklahoma and have heard so many times – “”Where did you get those toiles? we just don’t see them in our shops around here!”

    So, keep up the good work ITB!!

    Dwayne Bunch

  117. Mary Stueben

    Delighted to see the Scandiwhovian influence in the designs! Reminds me of our years living in Seattle, before moving to Hawaii to deal with severe vitamin D deficiency. I miss the retail store on our visits back — the people, the fabric, the ideas — just don’t miss the 11 month rainy season. I would be delighted to win the fabrics.

  118. Maureen

    Love the fabric. Great graphics and the colors are super. Please do more of this type of design. Very fine folk art style. We need more interesting fabrics like this

  119. Thanks for the notification of your blog. The Christmas stockings panel is very appealing. Great fabric design and colors. Thanks for sharing. Wendy Lato

  120. Lisa

    How pretty! Glad to hear that you are still designing fabric. Miss your store too.

  121. Love the panels and would love to win.

  122. Annie Kromann

    Love the Julen fabrics. Julie Paschkis is one of my very favorite fabric designers. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

  123. Ty London

    What a lovely gift this would be for my grandsons. I love the fabric. PICK ME!!!

  124. Olde World Charm…Love It!! Hope I win!!


  125. Sandi

    Miss your store. It was a great place for inspiration.
    I’ll be checking out your website.

  126. Cindy

    Just love the calendar. Now I will have to see if I can find it somewhere in town. I hope that I will win it, just in case I can not find it anywhere. Do you have any suggestions of where to look?

  127. Ann

    Hello, the Julen panel looks GREAT — I’m usually not much for Holiday fabric, but this is wonderful — I promise I would finish the project if I won it!

  128. Anne Baron

    Miss your shop so much! My love for, and creation of, many blended quilts started at ItB. Wish I could get a lifetime supply of the bird toiles!!! How do I find your special fabrics in southern CA? Wish you all the best with your new venture!

  129. Just drove down Lake City Way this morning (not an eveyday occurance) missing the store. It was a great destination place to wile away the hours and spend some $$$.

  130. Laura Heard

    Still missing the store!

  131. Anne Pichette

    I have always loved your fabric and I really miss your store

  132. Jennifer Patriarche

    I love Julie Paschkis’s fabric designs!

  133. Ceil Choukalas

    Love your Christmas fabric/panels.

  134. SoPark

    How beautiful!

  135. Debbie Scribner

    This would be a great start for Christmas this year

  136. Sheila

    We moved to Seattle just at the time In the Beginning was closing. Such a disappointment for me, as ItB was one of the “reasons” on my “yes” list for leaving our community of 30 years and moving across country to Seattle. So thanks for at least continuing with your beautiful fabric designs.

  137. Robin Wetter

    I love these and I hope I win

  138. Su

    Looks great! Hope I win!

  139. katrina


    so very adorable…

  140. Sandy Starkman

    Look foward to hearing more about your endeavors, miss your store with the wonderful fabric, though I was just there twice, as I don’t live in Seattle area-

  141. roz siegel

    Your retail presence is soooo missed.

    Thanks for continuing to create such beautiful fabric.

  142. Love the panel – the artwork is gorgeous. Wow, one more blog to read with my morning coffee.

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